Ordering for a delivery is as easy as 1,2,3!

We now offer delivery to any larger group within Elizabethtown. Group sizes must be at least 6 people with a limit of 30 people. Please send your faxed order at least 3 hours in advance to delivery time and give yourself a leeway time of around 20 minutes in case of any late deliveries or mis-orders. Delivery times are only on weekdays from 9am till noon. As always we can make exceptions so if you have any special requests, please call 270-769-2800 and ask for Lori.

Download our printer friendly delivery menu.

*Click on the form below.

Fax your order to 270-769-2822.

*Remember delivery orders must be ordered by at least 3 hours prior to delivery time.

Print and fill out order form provided with menu. Scan your order and then...

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